Repurpose a Cardboard Box – Make a Pinata

For Easter this year, we decided to turn a cardboard box into an Easter piñata.  Ours is not elaborate, but it took us only 5 minutes to cover it with construction paper and decorate it with Easter stickers!  You and your family can decorate yours for any event or holiday and make it as decorative as you want.  You can use string, stickers, jewels, cutouts and all kinds of embellishments you already have at home.  You don’t need to buy a new piñata at the store when you’ve got cardboard boxes laying around the house or garage that you can decorate and repurpose.  Decorating your box to be a piñata is as much fun as whacking it with a stick to break it open for all the goodies inside!




Success and fun, all rolled up in one!



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