Earth has nurtured us for thousands of years, providing everything we need to live and thrive, including food, clothing, shelter and raw materials.  It’s our turn to give back and care for our environment.  It’s our responsibility to practice and promote cultural change, protecting and nurturing nature so our Earth can sustain us for thousands of years more.  Earth is our home – our only home – and children are our hope and future.  Their innocence and compassion leave them impressionable.  What they learn about protecting their environment today will cultivate their appreciation for nature and influence their approach to daily living as adults, modeling environmentally responsible choices for their children, and upholding a sustainable future for generations to come.  Therefore, our mission is to provide resources that empower families to institute the cultural changes essential for environmental sustainability, and to teach and inspire children to protect, respect and nurture our beautiful green and blue planet we call Earth.

My Happy Earth is a 501(c)(3) committed to fulfilling this mission.  Your support allows us to continue our efforts to educate and motivate children to protect our Earth and conserve its natural resources, and to provide opportunities for others to make a difference.  Your donation is tax deductible. 

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A note from the author –

I use “Mother Earth” throughout my book, MY HAPPY EARTH, to personify Earth in a maternal manner, hoping to tap into the love, respect and appreciation children have for their own mother, and to encourage the desire to emulate that relationship when interacting with Earth on a daily basis.

Happy Earthing!

Melissa McCollum