“Central ideas related to health, populations, resources, and environments provide the foundations for students’ eventual understandings and actions as citizens.”

Looking for a fun STEM focused resource that will motivate your students to protect their environment?  The MY HAPPY EARTH book teaches students to reduce, reuse, recycle and re-buy recycled items while they search for hidden symbols in colorful illustrations throughout the book.  It include a glossary of environmental terms with easy to understand definitions and examples, as well as an “I Can…” list of fun daily activities that will inspire your students to be active participants and leaders in protecting their environment.  Appropriate for all ages, MY    HAPPY EARTH is aligned to K – 5th Science TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) and Next Generation Science Standards.  Teens and adults have as much fun looking for the hidden pictures as our little ones.  With MY HAPPY EARTH , you will guide your students to be the environmental stewards necessary for a sustainable future on Earth.

MY HAPPY EARTH… Educating, cultivating and inspiring new environmental stewards, one child at a time.

Melissa McCollum, author of MY HAPPY EARTH , is available for on-site author visits, book readings and signings, and eco-friendly educational activities with students.  For more information about these educational programs, contact us at: or 214-208-3823.

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and endorses the Texas Natural Resource/Environmental Literacy Plan.

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