“Central ideas related to health, populations, resources, and environments provide the foundations for childrens’ eventual understandings and actions as citizens.”

By teaching children at a young age to be environmentally responsible and respect nature, you will build lifelong habits that will make a dramatic difference in the sustainability of Earth and the future of its inhabitants.  Make learning how to protect their environment fun for your children by reading MY HAPPY EARTH to them while they search for hidden pictures in the illustrations.  Empower them to make a positive impact in the world by completing and implementing the “I CAN…” list of ideas to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Re-buy recycled products.


A note from the author –

“Where did Earth come from?” and “Who created Earth?” are questions that produce a million different answers from a million different people. A person’s answer to these questions is likely to be based on their religious beliefs or their family’s traditions. While we may all have different ideas about where Earth came from and disagree on who or what created Earth, one thing we universally agree on is that we must respect and protect our planet and its natural resources so it can continue to provide for its future inhabitants. Environmental protection issues are human issues, regardless of a person’s background, race or religion. I use the expression “Mother Earth” throughout My Happy Earth to personify our planet in a maternal sense, hoping to tap into the love, respect and appreciation children feel for their own mother, and to stimulate a desire to emulate the caring relationship they have with their mother when interacting with Earth on a daily basis. I hope you enjoy reading My Happy Earth with your child and have fun teaching your little one how important the health of our beautiful planet is for the health and happiness of all living things and future generations.

Happy Earthing!

Melissa McCollum


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