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MY HAPPY EARTH promotes environmental awareness and cultural change for all to respect, protect and nurture nature.  Earth has provided us with breathtaking landscapes, food to nourish us, clean water to quench our thirst, plentiful raw materials to build with, and so much more!  It’s time for us to give back to our beautiful planet so it can sustain us for many generations to come.  The book, MY HAPPY EARTH, is a STEM  focused colorful “seek and find” (I Spy) book that illustrates fun and easy activities children and their families can do every day to help Earth be healthy and happy.  As they search for hidden pictures, young readers will learn how to apply the 4 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Re-buy) for a clean and healthy environment and to reduce their negative impact on nature.  Aligned to K – 5th grade Science TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) and Next Generation Science Standards, MY HAPPY EARTH includes a glossary of environmental terms with easy to understand definitions, and an “I CAN…” list of exciting activities for everyone in the family that will inspire children to be active participants and leaders in protecting Earth.  As you read together, your child will love searching for the hidden symbols embedded in the colorful illustrations while they discover their power to protect Earth.  Children are our future – teach them well and be the change you want to see!

MY HAPPY EARTH  is endorsed by Trammell S. Crow, founder of Earth Day Texas:

My Happy Earth was lots of fun to read! Part storybook, part nature book, part environmental education book, and part picture book.  It took me on a quest to protect Mother Earth!  Hidden pictures were embedded like treasures!  Page by page, rainbow colors were revealed amid really fun eco-friendly activities about caring for our environment.  My children have grown up, but I’m still a child, and my child woke up in the middle of a rainbow!  

                                                       – Trammell S. Crow   Founder, EarthDayTX